Impulse Saver app for iPhone

Impulse Saver® is an iPhone App that allows you to save as impulsively as you spend. With one touch of the Impulse Saver button, you can save a pre-selected amount from your chosen transaction account to your chosen savings account. 

To use Impulse Saver®

You'll need to be a Westpac New Zealand customer, with Online Banking.

And you'll need an iPhone (or an iPod touch or iPad if you’ve got access to a Wi-Fi network). If you don't, relax. We have other services such as Mobile Online Banking (for smartphones) or TXT Banking (for all text capable mobile phones) so you can still bank while you're on the move. 

How to begin

  • download the app from the App Store (it's free here)
  • enter in your name and phone number (and Westpac Customer ID if you know it).
  • pre-select the amount you want to save each time you press the save button, and hit ‘send’.
  • a Westpac Customer Services Rep will then call you to complete the setup process.

Impulse Saver® setup call-backs may take a few days due to the current high demand. We apologise for this delay, and will call you as soon as possible to complete the setup process.

Once setup and security checks are complete, simply re-launch the app.

Then you can press the big red button whenever you get the Impulse Saver® urge, and you’ll instantly transfer your pre-selected save amount from your main account, to your savings account.

NOTE: Save requests are processed straight away, but are subject to the availability of funds. 

You can also use your iPod touch or iPad if you’ve got access to a Wi-Fi network and the App Store for the initial download.

Your Impulse Saver® requests are protected by a certified encrypted secure connection (SSL).

We recommend you always adhere to manufacturer’s software and support to ensure your mobile devices are covered by the latest software and security updates. If you’re connecting via a Wi-Fi, we recommend you use a trusted network.

Set up

During the set up call we’ll ask you standard verification questions to confirm your identity and ask you to select which on-call transactional account you wish to transfer money from, and which savings account you want this money to go to (these have to be Westpac New Zealand accounts in your name).

You will be able to select these accounts when you:

  • are the account holder and sole signatory
  • have authority to operate in the account alone when there is more than one signatory
  • are authorised to operate individually on a business account

The mobile number you provide during the set-up process will be the number we use to call or text you with any queries regarding your use of Impulse Saver® for iPhone, and you consent to receiving such calls or texts.

If you lose your iPhone or other mobile device nominated as the contact number during the setup process, or it is stolen, or if you change your mobile number, please contact Westpac New Zealand immediately on 0800 400 600.

With each save request the transfer of money to or from account(s) or any other electronic transfer of funds will be debited/credited as per the instructions given at the time of the save request.

You cannot cancel an instruction made by a Westpac Electronic Banking Service once Westpac has acknowledged that it has received it, unless we inform you otherwise.

Save requests are processed straight away but are subject to confirmation of available funds. If there are insufficient available funds to complete your Impulse Saver® request, a Westpac Customer Services Representative will endeavour to call you to try to resolve it.

Your Impulse Saver® total will be updated within the Settings screen so you can keep track of how much you’ve saved using it. Plus "Impulse Saver" will appear on your statement so you can see how much it’s contributing to your overall savings total.

Impulse Saver® is an Electronic Banking Service and is therefore, in addition to these terms and conditions, subject to Westpac’s Electronic Banking Services Terms and Conditions forming part of the General Terms and Conditions.

There are no charges for downloading Impulse Saver® for iPhone or making Impulse Saver® requests, however electronic transaction fees and charges may apply each time you save depending on the accounts you have set up. See the Transaction and Service Fees page for more information. Internet data charges may be incurred through your mobile service provider – check with your internet service provider or your mobile service provider for more details.

All information submitted by you during the set-up and use of Impulse Saver® for iPhone will be retained by Westpac and used strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy as set out in our General Terms and Conditions.

Impulse Saver® is only available to Westpac New Zealand customers who are registered for Westpac Online Banking. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw the service at any time. Access is subject to availability and maintenance.

To the extent permitted by law, Westpac will not be responsible to you for any direct or indirect costs, losses or other liabilities resulting from any failure or delay in providing Impulse Saver® via a phone or mobile device or any loss of access to Impulse Saver® for iPhone or any malfunction of any equipment or system which supports Impulse Saver®, regardless of whether the equipment or system is ours or used by us to provide this Impulse Saver® service.

iPhone, iTunes and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Impulse Saver is a registered trade mark of Westpac Banking Corporation.

Westpac General terms and conditions, incorporating Westpac Electronic Banking Services terms and conditions apply.